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Manage Single and Multiple Spaces

Managing Co-working space is no easy task. We studied Co-working spaces and inbuilt optimised workflows to help you capture all the information required to manage your space in the most optimised manner.

On our platform, you not only manage one space, but you can manage multiple spaces to have all required information at your fingertips.

  • Manage Assets (Re-usable assets) with serial number and location of each asset.
  • Manage Infrastructure (Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Conference Room, Video Conference Room, Private Office, Sleeping Pod) with serial number and location of each infrastructure along with Photographs.
  • Manage infrastructure to be show to members.
  • Mange cost of each Infrastructure on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.
  • Track infrastructure allotment.
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Member Management

Through the aCubeNow web portal, add new members, control what members can see on their app, transfer member from one space to another and also disable the membership to your space.

  • Manage Facebook and Twitter feeds to be shown to members.
  • Manage member details.
  • Disable members when they leave.
  • Transfer members to other locations of your Space.
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Issue Resolution

We understand the importance of Client Service and addressing member issues on time, is the key to be a successful Co-working space.

We incorporated logging issues to the space on member’s app and we provide a dashboard for you to monitor which issues are being raised by which members and the status of the issue resolution to ensure you are always in control of what is happening in the space.

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Access Control for the Web Platform

The web platform comes with access control for your employees. We in-built 3 key Roles to the web portal and this will help you manage what information who can see, access and edit.

Access Management allows for the Co-working space to provide appropriate access of the platform and entrust responsibilities accordingly to your employees.

You may also change Roles, assign multiple roles to each of your employee.

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Optimise Events

When you build a Co-working space, you are focusing on creating an Innovative and collaborative environment for your members. Event’s are key to establishing and benchmarking your space.

With aCubeNow™, when you create events on our platform, we work with MeraEvents to help your events become discoverable and help you market the event outside your networks.

You may Create events, manage ticketing and market events with meaningful outcomes.

MeraEvents also provides personalised service for your important events to be conceptualised and marketed.

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Optimise Asset Usage

Assets are capital intensive and it is only natural to utilise them optimally. With aCubeNow™, you can tag and manage your assets with ease and also, you can anytime track who is utilising your asset at a given point of time.

Understanding optimisation of asset usage is one of the most important aspects of Operations Excellence and we strive to provide you all the information required to ensure you are always informed of your asset utilisation and when to focus on managing them.

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Optimise Infrastructure

Building and managing a Co-working space is Capital intensive and it is only practical to make meaningful utilisation of the infrastructure.

Be it Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office, Conference Room, Video Conference Room or a Sleeping pod, create and track each of the infrastructure on the aCubeNow™ platform. Just not managing them, but you have access to real time metrics to measure the utilisation trends of all of your infrastructure.

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Billing, Invoicing & Subscriptions

Providing professional Billing & Invoicing to your members and providing various payment options not only eases your receivable tracking, but provides members the convenience.

It is only practical to have a optimised Billing, Invoicing & Subscriptions module for managing invoices and collecting payments from your members. Through out platform, you can send monthly invoices and provide your members diversified payment options to make it easier for them.

  • Send individual invoices to members.
  • Members can set auto-debit from their Bank Account or Credit Card for the invoices raised.
  • Receivables and transaction dates summarised for your convenience.
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Manage Discoverability

When you signup on aCubeNow™, we understand your needs of enhancing your market reach. We have built-in Guerrilla Marketing strategies to help you increase your market reach and through our custom plans.

  • Control inventory for dynamic selling in your space in real-time.
  • Control pricing of your infrastructure real-time.
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Manage Walk-ins

It is only natural you will have walk-in’s for your space. The platform provides convenience to accommodate walk-in sales and collect payments through our in-built payment gateway

  • Know which infrastructure is available.
  • Book infrastructure and send confirmation to client.
  • Send Invoice and provide payment options for online payments.
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iOS/Android Apps Ready

When you sign-up on our platform, all your members will have access to iOS/Andriod apps. The apps can be white-labelled to ensure personalisation.

The mobile app wil have:

  • Access to Facebook and Twitter feeds of the space.
  • Enable infrastructure booking.
  • While booking infrastructure, members can invite fellow co-workers or outsiders.
  • Access to all events in the space.
  • Access to all public events in the geographical location.
  • Control pricing of your infrastructure real-time.
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White-labelled apps

Your space is our Brand. We do understand this and hence we built our apps to carry your brand all the time.

Start using the aCubeNow™ Platform

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