Co-working Management System

We designed aCubeNow™, the world’s first CMS (Co-working Management System) based on the Member Centric Architecture (MCA), derived from our propreitery thinkStrategy® approach.

aCubeNow™ encompasses key workflow automations for your Co-working space along with providing tools to Communicate with your Members; Future Clients; Creating & Managing meaningful events; Creating, Monitoring and Measuring utilisation of your assets and infrastructure, and enabling discovery of your space around the world.

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Multiple Spaces

Managing Co-working space is no easy task. We studied Co-working spaces and inbuilt optimised workflows to help you capture all the information required to manage your space in the most optimised manner.

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Member Management

Through the aCubeNow web portal, add new members, control what members can see on their app, transfer member from one space to another and also disable the membership to your space.

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Access Control

The web platform comes with access control for your employees. We in-built 3 key Roles to the web portal and this will help you manage what information who can see, access and edit.

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Optimise Events

When you build a Co-working space, you are focusing on creating an Innovative and collaborative environment for your members. Event’s are key to establishing and benchmarking your space.

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Optimise Asset Usage

Assets are capital intensive and it is only natural to utilise them optimally. With aCubeNow, you can tag and manage your assets with ease and also, you can anytime track who is utilising your asset at a given point of time.

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Optimise Infrastructure

Building and managing a Co-working space is Capital intensive and it is only practical to make meaningful utilisation of the infrastructure. Be it Hot Desk, Dedicated Desk, Private Office, Conference Room, Video Conference Room

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It is only practical to have a optimised Billing, Invoicing & Subscriptions module for managing invoices and collecting payments from your members. Through out platform, you can send monthly invoices and provide your members diversified payment options

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Managing Discoverability

You have your Sales & Marketing Strategy for reaching out to the world. When you signup on aCubeNow, we understand your needs of enhancing your market reach. We have built-in Guerrilla Marketing strategies to help you

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iOS/Android Apps Ready

When you sign-up on our platform, all your members will have access to iOS/Andriod apps. Members do not need to use the web-platform for any thing, all they would use is their app to book infrastructure, see the list of upcoming events, access member

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For Individuals

Co-working @ your fingertips

With access to over 10,000 Co-working spaces in more than 115 Countries, you are never far away from finding a Co-working space where ever you go. With myDesk app, you will be able to find the right space to work out of at your fingertips.

Professional Events Directory

What you want is what you see (WYWIWYS). With app, you will have access to all professional events happening in the geographical location you are located in. This will help you find the most meaningful events and enable you to book for the event through the app.

We at aCubeNow™ are focused to help you find the right Co-working space, at the right time and anywhere in the world. Download our Mobile App for your iOS or Android device to find the nearest Co-working space based on the geolocation of your mobile or search for a specific city in 115 Countries around the world.

Welcome to the new world of #CoWorking.

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Our Collaborative Partners


Coworker is the world’s largest aggregator of Co-working spaces with presence in over 115 countries and listing of more than 10,000 Co-working spaces world-wide.


MeraEvents is India’s largest Professional Events platform with listings of all professional events happening in India. The platform is also rapidly expanding in the US and Asia Pacific.

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